Preparing for your New Lawn

HydrophobiaWhen you’re preparing for a new lawn, there’s a bit more to it than just selecting the variety of lawn you want and organising a turf delivery. Since turf roots should not be allowed to dry out you must be completely prepared before the turf arrives on-site.

Of all the steps in getting a new lawn at your place, the preparation step is the most important. Preparing correctly will give your lawn the very possible chance to become well-established and to thrive.

  1. Planning – The first part of preparation is actually in the planning – spend some time in the space and take stock of issues such as aspect, sunlight, irrigation and drainage.
  2. Remove any existing lawn.
  3. Spray the area with a weed killer to remove any weeds and vegetation that may have roots extending up to a metre below the surface.
  4. Improve the soil structure – add Gypsum to clay soils and organic matter to sandy soils.
  5. If the current amount of good soil is 150mm or more then you can move onto the next step. If not, you will need to bring and spread enough turf underlay soil mix to ensure that the entire area has a good soil depth of at least 100mm.
  6. Turn the soil over with a rotary hoe – or by hand if you’re energetic or have a few spare mates.
  7. Mix Sir Launcher to the top 75mms of soil to add important fertilising and moisture magnet water crystals and level it out.
  8. Check your soil’s pH level to see if any other nutrients are required before you lay your new turf.


Taking the time now to ensure that the drainage is good, the soil healthy, and the area level will all be worth it in the long run – you’ll run into less problems later and your lawn will have the best possible chance to establish and grow lush and green, ready to be enjoyed.


Now you’re ready to lay your new lawn. If you need any more advice or someone to undertake the installation task for you, just get in touch with the Harden Park Lawns team.

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