Preparing your lawn for Summer in 5 easy steps

understanding-grassThere’s no secret to having a fantastic looking lawn when Summer arrives – it just takes a little work during Spring. A bit of time spent now will ensure that you have a robust lawn, resilient to the effects of the sun, pests, weeds and the heavy foot traffic that a Summer spent in the backyard can bring.

Follow Harden Park Lawns’ 5 easy steps to a great Summer lawn:

  1. Aerate the lawn – help to promote the healthy formation of the lawn’s root system. Aerating your lawn will allow the grass to breathe while also enabling water, nutrients and oxygen to reach the root system in a more efficient manner. Best done early Spring, every 1-3 years, although high traffic area may require aeration more frequently.
  2. Remove thatch – give your lawn a brisk raking to remove the thatch which is the decaying plant matter that accumulates on the ground. A layer of thatch more than 1.3cms deep has the potential to block sun from reaching the grass and water from reaching the roots. Best done in Spring and in conjunction with aeration.
  3. Fertilise – make sure that you use a fertiliser designed for the variety of lawn you have. Best done in Spring but avoid applying 30 days before the peak of summer temperatures or just before or during the wet season in tropical areas.
  4. Water – you should water your lawn with the roots in mind – deep watering of about 2.5cms of water once a week during the growing phase. Infrequent but deep watering is best to encourage deep and strong roots. Best done during the very early morning or at night.
  5. Mowing – mow your lawn on a regular basis, mow in a different pattern each time, never cut more than one third of the grass plant and always use a mower with sharp blades. Frequent mowing during Spring with help to strengthen the roots and make the plants sturdy. When Summer arrives, raise the cutting height of your lawnmower, leaving the grass longer to better shade the soil and retain moisture.

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