Preparing your Lawn for Xmas with Harden Park Lawns

Cricket On The LawnHaving guests this Christmas season? Planning on a game of backyard cricket or two? Then you’ll need to get your lawn in tip top shape and now is the time to do it.


Remove any weeds, particularly those nasty bindii, by applying a selective herbicide specifically designed for the variety of lawn you have installed. Most herbicide applications that 7-10 days to work their magic so time is of the essence.


Apply fertiliser to give the lawn’s growth a kick-start and prepare your lawn for any particularly warm weather and heavy traffic ahead. Might sure you spread the fertiliser even over the entire lawn and water in thoroughly.


Use a strong rake to remove any dead lawn from dead patches, apply lime and then fertilise the area as below. Clearing away any dead plants and fertilising will help the lawn to spread to the patch and fill in the lawn.


Remove anything heavy that has caused, or could cause soil compaction, and aerate the lawn as required. You can aerate using a strong garden fork – push the fork into the soil and create air pockets.


Ensure your lawn is receiving enough water – 2.5cms of water on an infrequent basis is all it needs. You can tell that more watering is required if the leaves of the lawn plants are wilting or yellowing.


Mow before your guests arrive – only take off one-third of the lawn plant at any one time, mow a few times if the lawn is particularly long, mowing in a different direction each time to strengthen the plants and train them to stand straight.


Trim back any overhanging branches that are stopping sunlight reaching the lawn. A lack of sun will impede growth and can encourage fungal disease.

Complete a few lawn care tasks now and by Christmas you’ll have a fabulous, healthy lawn to enjoy with your friends and family.

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