Readying your Lawn for the Cooler Months Ahead

aerationCooler months and less rainfall can lead to the decline of your lawn but Harden Park Lawns has compiled a list of easy ways to ensure that your turf stays healthy and green.


During the months of autumn and winter your lawn will need as much sunlight as possible.

  • Pick up any leaves that have dropped from deciduous trees
  • Collect any lawn clippings
  • Trim back any overhanging branches

In particular, any leaves and lawn clippings left on the lawn will starve the plants of sunlight and oxygen causing the lawn to brown and die off.


The cooler temperature means that your grass will be growing at a much slower rate so you can reduce the frequency of mowing as well as raising the height on the mower.

You can decrease your mowing to around once every 3 – 4 weeks. Keep an eye on the length of the grass and ensure that it doesn’t exceed 5 – 6cms or it may become ‘stalky’.

Remember not to cut the lawn any lower than 2.5cms or your will risk scalping the turf which in turn leads to browning. Repeated scalping can result in an overall weakening of the lawn and the risk of weeds and diseases taking hold.


If your lawn has had to content with a lot of high temperatures or traffic over the warmer months, it’s likely that the soil underneath has become quite compacted. Soil compaction restricts the movement of oxygen and water and therefore the general health of the lawn. For small lawns you can aerate using a garden fork to put holes in the lawn. For larger lawns it may be worthwhile to hire an aerator from your local landscaping or machinery hire company.


Even though your lawn will be growing slower over the cooler months, your lawn will still require nutrients. Apply a fertiliser which will supply the right balance of – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for uniform health and growth. Ensure that you get a fertiliser that is specifically formulated for the variety of lawn you have and always read the directions before you apply.

If rain is not on the horizon give the lawn a good soaking to make sure the fertiliser gets to where it needs to be. Harden Park Lawns supply fertilisers specific for North Queensland lawns – contact the team today or order online.

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