Real vs Synthetic Lawns for North Queensland

Real vs SyntheticWhen building, renovating or undertaking a new landscaping project in North Queensland there will come a time when the lawn will be the topic of discussion. You will be presented with options such as natural/real lawn and synthetic lawn. It’s an important decision as it involves initial costs, ongoing maintenance, safety and of course, the look it gives to your outdoor space.

Being a natural, growing product, a natural turf has many benefits to offer:

  • It helps to maintain a balanced eco-system – natural turf enhances the environment rather than causing harm
  • Lawn will absorb heat, break up radiant energy, reduce glare and have a cooling effect to the surrounding area, including your home
  • Natural turf reduces the risk of fire by acting as a natural fire break
  • Natural lawns reduce CO2 emissions, generate oxygen and absorb noise
  • Research has found that natural greenspaces offer sustained and significant improvements in mental health and they provide a safe space to get active
  • Lawns reduce dust in the air by trapping it in between the blades, which is then washed into and trapped by the soil. Lawn varieties are readily available that are suitable to allergy sufferers
  • A natural lawn can increase the value of your home by up to $75,000
  • Natural turf is an effective, long-lasting and cost-effective form of soil erosion control
  • Natural lawns reduce the risk of injury through a cushioning effect
  • Real turf helps to improve local water quality by slowing down run off as well as trapping pollutants and sediment. Rainwater filtered by grass plants is 10 times less acidic than run off from a hard surface

While needing some basic ongoing maintenance, a natural lawn provides benefits to you and the environment that greatly outweighs any time and effort spent on lawn care.

  • Synthetic lawns still require regular cleaning and can pose a trip hazard and will increase the temperature of your home.
  • Synthetic lawns can get up to 20 degrees hotter than real grass – ouch, that can be hot enough to burn bare feet
  • Synthetic turf cannot act as a natural filter so instead of stopping pollutants reaching ground water, they aid in that process
  • Synthetic lawns don’t absorb carbon dioxide or produce oxygen so not at all environmentally friendly

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