Spotlight on Tropical Turf

Tropical TurfIf your soil suffers from low fertility – whether it be clay to sandy – then Tropical Turf might just be the right choice for your new lawn. Perfectly suited to tropical and sub-tropical regions, Tropical Turf is also commonly known as Buffalo, Carpet Grass or Broadleaf.

This is an economical, stoloniferous, perennial, creeping and warm season grass which has wide leaves with blunt, rounded tips which unique curling along its edges. After establishment this turf will form a dense mat, crowding out other evasive lawn varieties and weeds.

Due to its relatively shallow root system a constant supply of moisture is recommended for a healthy, thriving lawn.

Tropical Turf is best used in warmer climates as it does not possess a good tolerance to low temperatures. It also isn’t suited to high traffic areas, very sandy soils or waterlogged soils. Care should be taken with the application of herbicides as it has a low herbicide tolerance.

Overall, the main benefits of installing a Tropical Turf:

  • May be left to grow long and then mowed down without fear of scalping
  • Up to 70% shade tolerance making it ideal for semi-shaded areas
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Is an economical choice
  • Is perfect for homes, investment properties and commercial applications

For more information or to order your new Tropical Turf lawn contact the Harden Park Lawns team today.

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