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If you grew up locally then you’re fully aware of the importance of preparing early for the Summer storm season. But if you’re new to the area then there’s a few things you need to do now to get ready.

getreadyqldHarden Park Lawns has the following advice to prepare your backyard for storm season:

Be informed and prepared

  • Ensure that your insurance is up-to-date
  • Have important numbers such as the SES, local council, insurance company, and electricity company stored in your phone
  • Know the local ABC radio station to listen for weather updates and alerts
  • Connect with weather related social media pages that service your local area and provide real-time updates when a storm is approaching
  • Keep regularly updated with weather forecasts

Secure – If a storm is imminent, you should secure wheeling bins, outdoor furniture, bbqs, pot plants, garden equipment and any children’s toys – inside, undercover or strapped to a solid object. This will avoid your items being damaged and the risk of them becoming airborne and dangerous in high winds. Before the season starts, consider whether or not any of things items can be stored elsewhere for the duration. Perhaps the rake and the garden fork could be housed in the garage when not in use. If a storm is forecast and you’re not likely to be home, have a quick tidy up before you go.

Trim – Before the storm season begins have a walk around the yard (front and back) and your house and consider how your trees and bushes could be affected during a storm. Trim any branches that pose a risk to your roof or windows or that could block gutters and downpipes.

Remove – After you’ve trimmed up around the yard, make sure that you remove any debris so it does not become the next problem to deal with. Clean up your gutters and ensure that all the downpipes are clear.

Wait – After a storm has definitely passed it’s time to assess whether or not your property has sustained any damage. NEVER go near any fallen powerlines – call your local electricity provider for help. Wear closed in shoes and gloves when removing any debris to ensure that you don’t get cut, scratched or bitten by anything. If your property has suffered serious damage call the SES and your insurance provider for advice.

And don’t panic if your lawn is flooded. Most lawns can easily handle a few days underwater. Just be patient and wait for the water to drain away before you attempt any lawn care tasks. If your lawn does need a little work after the water has receded, read our Lawn Care Articles here for more tips.

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