Summer Survival Guide

Summer is often the most challenging time of year for your North Queensland lawn, with extreme heat, wind and dryness, as well as a lot of rainfall getting thrown at it.

We can’t do much about the weather but you can make sure your lawn is well set up to survive everything the season throws at it.

Fertilise – Apply a slow release fertiliser early Summer. Avoid fertilising once daytime temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius and either water in thoroughly or apply when rain is on the horizon.

Water wisely– Lawns can dry out very quickly in Summer. Water early in the morning while it’s cool so your lawn gets a chance to absorb the maximum amount of water and it’s not lost to evaporation. Late watering may induce overnight humidity resulting in fungal problems.

Mowing – Growth usually slows down in hot, dry weather due to stress. Raise the cutting height of your lawnmower to leave the grass longer and provide shade and natural cooling to the roots and soil. Leaving tiny grass clippings on the lawn at this time of year can help to insulate the soil and roots and reduce evaporation. Mow early in the morning or late in the day to reduce the risk of the grass developing burned tips. Mow your lawn only as required to reduce the amount of stress it is under and to allow the blades to stay longer protecting the soil below.

Weed alert – Weeds may continue to thrive in the Summer months, especially those that have large tap roots that help them survive drought. Take care using lawn herbicide products – many brands suggest avoiding use in hot weather and some are not suitable for certain varieties of turf.


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