The Christmas lawn care guide

The annual countdown is on – a month until Christmas. You’ve made your list and checked it twice, but have you got your lawn care sorted? Before family and friends arrive to celebrate and the backyard cricket gets underway, there’s a few lawn care issues you should take care of so you can relax knowing that your lawn is under control – it’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about as the big day gets closer.

  1. Weeding – This should be done as soon as possible if you are going to apply any herbicides to the weeds in your lawn to allow time for them to die.
  2. De-thatch – Now is the time to dethatch your lawn and remove all the spongy underlay before all the extra Christmas traffic further compact the soil beneath the lawn.
  3. Fertilise – After dethatching, fertilise your lawn to give it a boost after the stress it has just suffered.
  4. Mowing – Typically you would like to mow the day before your guests arrive to give the lawn a little recovery time before being walked on or the cricket game starts. Using the catcher is recommended if kids will be playing on the lawn or you have allergy sufferers around.
  5. Watering – A deep watering the day before your Christmas guests arrive is recommended – this will ensure that your lawn will be alright if it doesn’t rain and you are busy with other things for a few days. Doing this the day before will allow the moisture to soak deep into the soil and not leave any muddy puddles for guests to walk through your home.

The Harden Park Lawns team wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year – hope you get to spend lots of time enjoying your lawn this festive season.

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