The low down on organic liquid fertiliser

Liquid FertiliserOrganic liquid fertilisers have become more and more popular in the last few years and can be a great addition to your lawn care arsenal being packed full of organic nutrients in a liquid form. The liquid form allows it to be quickly taken in by the lawn plants through the leaves and absorbed into the soil. Based on seaweed or fish, liquid organic fertilisers can be applied diluted in a watering can or by being attached to the garden hose. Organic liquid fertilisers should not be confused with liquid weed and feed products.

Strictly speaking, organic liquid fertilisers are not fertilisers. Why not? Well, the nutrients they contain are not the same as in standard lawn fertilisers and are often considered more like a tonic than anything else. That said, these products do work and are just supplying a different food source for your lawn. These products are jam packed with growth regulators (cytokinins/auxins, trace elements and carbohydrates) and vitamins.

Organic liquid fertilisers are best used within your overall fertilising and lawn maintenance regime throughout the year. Lawns which are lightly fertilised every few months are generally healthier and more robust. Often, organic liquid fertilisers are a great compliment to your traditional fertilising regimen. They won’t cause any harm since they are not high in the same nutrients contained in standard fertilisers.

Liquid, organic fertilisers can be low in major nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium so the best option is to treat them as a great natural boost to your lawn rather than a complete replacement.

All organic liquid fertilisers contain different nutrients mixes and levels and are made from different sources and therefore must be treated differently. Always read the manufacturers’ instructions, particularly in relation to usage in combination with other fertilisers, application rates and lawns to avoid applying it to. This will ensure that you are applying the correct product for the overall good health of your lawn.

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