The Question of Seed vs. Instant Turf

It’s a question many home owners struggle with, and if you’re wondering which one you should choose here are some considerations you should be aware of:

A certain amount of soil preparation will be needed whether you choose to sow seed or lay instant turf rolls.

A seeded lawn will involve a much lower financial outlay initially. But, it will require more care during establishment and it can be months before it can be used. Turf lawn is fast and easy to lay and can be walked on in as little as a week. But, the cost of buying and laying quality turf over a large area can be steep. Another consideration is whether or not the grass variety you want in your backyard can even be grown from seed. As an example, Sir Walter DNA Certified soft leaf buffalo grass cannot be grown from seed so installing an instant turf is the only option.

How do you choose the right grass type? Follow these easy steps:

  • Do some basic research online about turf varieties, but make sure you’re looking at information that applies to your location and climate zone. Lawn that works in Sydney and Melbourne is not likely to do well in north Queensland’s tropical climate.
  • Approach your local garden centre, turf supplier or horticulturist to check out varieties which are growing well in your location.
  • Ask yourself how your lawn will be used – is it predominantly aesthetic or will it be home to soccer practice and backyard cricket matches. Some lawns such as the vigorous runner grasses will ‘self-repair’ better than others, which is important if your lawn will be heavily used.
  • Consider how much time and effort your lawn will need to remain looking good. For example, Kikuyu is tough, fast growing and inexpensive but will need
    mowing every week in summer. Sir Walter is a little more expensive to install but requires less maintenance on a weekly basis.

For more help on deciding on seed versus instant turf, or the right turf variety for your place just contact the team at Harden Park Lawns.

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