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mowingKeeping your lawn in top condition doesn’t have to take huge amounts of time or expensive equipment; a few essentials and you’ll be all set.

The team at Harden Park Lawns has put together their top tips of lawn care equipment to have at your place:

Mower – the type of mower should be determined by the size of your lawn, personal choice, running costs and budget. The most important aspect of the mower you use is the condition – ensure that the blades are always sharp!

Garden Fork – handy for many different tasks, the garden fork is also great for aerating your lawn. Simply push the fork into the lawn in order to create pockets to reduce compaction and aid the movement of water, air and nutrients.

Rake – apart from the obvious (raking up leaves), a garden rake can also be used to reduce thatch build-up. Just give the lawn a strong rake to detach the thatch for removal.

Hose or Sprinkler System – your choice will depend on a few key factors – the amount of time you have to water on a regularly basis, the size of your lawn, current water restrictions in your local area and your budget.

A Turf Edger – hand-powered or petrol-powered, a turf edger will help you to keep your lawn, pathways and driveways neat and tidy.


A Whipper Snipper – this handy piece of equipment will make short work of trimming lawn edges, around trees and garden beds and along paths, driveways and fences.

Garden Shears – a pair of good quality garden shears will allow you to easily trim any trees, bushes and shrubs that are creating too much shade for your lawn to thrive.

Pressure Sprayer – helpful to attack weeds, disease and pest infestations quickly and easily. Ensure that you never leave any leftover chemicals in the pressure sprayer, always clean out thoroughly after use, read all application instructions and use all protection required such as shoes and gloves.

Having this key lawn care equipment on hand will let you undertake your lawn care jobs when your lawn needs it and when you have the time available. There’s nothing worse than needing something when the local hardware store has already closed for the day.

There is more equipment availability on the Harden Park Lawns website here.

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