Top Tips for Installing Your New Lawn

turf layingOnce all of the prep work for your new lawn has been completed it’s time to install the turf.

If you are unsure of undertaking this project by yourself, Harden Park Lawns can install it for you, but with a few friends and a bit of know-how, laying your new lawn is a great DIY project.

Continue on to read our lawn installation tips.

Harden Park Lawns’ team tips:

  • Have your turf delivered (or pick it up) as close to when you are going to lay it as possible
  • Don’t allow the roots to dry out
  • Don’t stretch the turf
  • Ensure that there is adequate contact between the underside of the turf and the topsoil
  • First lay a strip of turf around the borders of the area and then cut in
  • Butt the turf pieces up against each other but don’t allow them to overlap (they will need to knit together)
  • Always lay turf across any slopes, not down
  • Use full slabs of turf where possible rather than smaller, off-cut pieces
  • Immediately water the turf upon it being laid. Perhaps have one or two people laying the turf and another following behind, watering
  • Use a turf roller to go over the turf – this will bed the roots into the soil and push any end pieces of turf back into their correct position
  • Give the turf a daily watering for a minimum of two weeks, until well-established
  • Keep all traffic off the new lawn while it is establishing

You will know when your lawn is well-established; the turf slabs/pieces will be knitted together and you will not be able to pull them upwards (this means the roots have taken hold), and it will look like it is ready for its first mowing.

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