Top Tropical Lawn Maintenance Tips

FertilisingWhile North Queensland tropical climate provides idea conditions for rapid lawn growth this does present its own unique issues and maintenance needs. The Harden Park Lawns team has put together their top tips for taking care of your tropical lawn.

The key is to provide regular maintenance or you will end up with an overgrown jungle to contend with.

During the typically hot and humid, wet season months of November – March we recommend that you do not fertilise. Fertilising will only encourage vigorous growth and yet you will be unable to frequently mow due to the rain. When the weather permits, try to mow at least weekly taking care not to take off too much of the plant at any one time.

Conduct a pH test and determine the current state of you lawn. Often an application of lime and/or gypsum will be required for your tropical lawn.

High rainfall can cause the soil under your lawn to become quite acidic, something that an application of lime will help to correct. The lime will allow the turf plants to be able to take up the soil nutrients. Gypsum acts as a clay breaker and enables the water to penetrate to where it is needed.

When the wet season is over, typically around April, apply a good quality, slow release fertiliser. You may also like to reapply the fertiliser in May to prepare for Winter or the months with less rain. This will help to keep the lawn healthy and green throughout the cooler months. Which fertiliser you apply and how often are dependent on the variety of lawn you have.

During the drier months you should aim to mow every 2 – 3 weeks and water weekly or fortnightly.

In August and September, before the wet season begins again, you can fertilise again to help the lawn to recover from the previous few months. This is also the time of year that you need to keep an eye out for any pest infestations.

For more information on specific varieties of turf click here.

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