Sir Grange (Zeon zoysia) is a superior turf variety, which is the result of a strict research and development process, from the world’s most successful turf grass breeders. Originally developed for the golf industry, its unique characteristics make it perfect for home lawns and gardens. It’s the number one selling Zoysia grass in the USA and has been very well received with our tropical customers, across North Queensland.

Our Sir Grange is grown under strict conditions, to ensure genetic purity. It’s available exclusively from Lawn Solutions Australia, accredited and certified turf growers. The best Cairns supplier of Sir Grange turf lawn is Harden Park Lawns. You can pick-up from our Edmonton location, or we’ll deliver to you. For more information please contact us on (07) 4055 4632 or

The Benefits of Sir Grange

It’s adaptable to a variety of climates and has beautiful, dark green leaves. It comes with the Harden Park Lawns 10 Year Product Warranty.

It has a fine leaf blade and is low-allergenic. It can be mowed at a wide range of heights and suffers minimal damage when scalped.

Our Cairns Sir Grange Turf can handle full sun, but also has high shade tolerance, only needing 3-hours direct sunlight per day.

Weed and insect resistant, this turf variety has high wear tolerance and requires up to 50% less mowing than other common turfs.

Sir Grange Is A Fine Bladed Premium Turf Variety, Which Has High Shade Tolerance And Very Low Nutrient And Water Requirements.

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Drought Tolerant

Shade Tolerant

Fertiliser Needs


Looking for a quote on getting Sir Grange for your turf project? At Harden Park Lawns it’s easy. Just complete our online quote form, including all the fields, to ensure you get an accurate quote as quickly as possible. If you get stuck, we can help with measurements too. Call (07) 4055 4632 or email

Sir Grange Turf Lawn Cairns Supplier

Harden Park Lawns Grows & Supplies Cairns’ Best Turf. Varieties Suitable To The Tropical Climate That Are Also Easy To Establish & Maintain. Sir Grange Is A Superior Turf Variety. Enjoy Your New Lawn Sooner & For Longer.

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Harden Park Lawns offers a 10 Year Product Warranty Certificate for all parcels of Sir Grange Turf Lawn. This is part of our commitment, to ensuring you will have the right lawn for your local environment. Our Sir Grange is grown under strict conditions, ensuring genetic purity. It’s a robust turf which can handle the extremes of our tropical environments. Read more about our complete support guarantee or contact us for advice on the best lawn choice for your lifestyle, family, landscape and/or commercial project. At Harden Park Lawns, we’re proud to be the preferred Sir Grange Turf Lawn Cairns supplier.


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