Harden Park Lawns are excited to bring TifTuf™ to Cairns and the North Queensland market. This ‘new’ grass is sure to be an outstanding performer, in our tough tropical conditions. It’s the result of 25 years of research and development and has been created to deliver outstanding performance in all conditions. That’s why it’s called TifTuf™, because it’s tough. Superior performance in a range of conditions, including drought, shade and high wear situations. Perfect for residential, commercial and trade customers.

We’re proud to be the TifTuf™ turf lawn Cairns supplier. We love this variety for its looks and performance and recommend it for everywhere, from the back yard to the sports field. It’s a very soft leaf to walk on and maintains excellent colour and quality, throughout the year. For more information or a free quote on TifTuf™ for your place or project, contact Harden Park Lawns today on (07) 4055 4632.

The Benefits of TifTuf™ Turf

It ticks a lot of boxes. It’s up to 50% shade tolerant, can handle very high wear and has very low maintenance. Looks great and soft to walk on.

Although it’s new to the turf industry, TifTuf™ was hand picked from more than 30,000 Bermuda varieties, for its outstanding performance.

TifTuf™ maintains good colour throughout the year and requires 38% less water than other varieties. Sustainability solution.

Harden Park Lawns are the TifTuf™ Turf Lawn Cairns supplier. We provide expert advice and support, pre and post-sale.

TifTuf Turf Lawn Cairns Supplier

TifTuf™ Is The New Grass On The Block. A Hybrid Bermuda Grass, Created By The World’s Best Turf Grass Scientists. Unbelievable Toughness And Quality.

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Drought Tolerant

Shade Tolerant

Fertiliser Needs


Looking for a quote on using TifTuf™ for your next turf project? At Harden Park Lawns it’s easy. Just complete our online quote form, including all the fields, to ensure you get an accurate quote as quickly as possible. If you get stuck, we can help with measurements too. Call (07) 4055 4632 or email info@hardenparklawns.com.au

TifTuf Turf Lawn Cairns Supplier

Harden Park Lawns Grows & Supplies Cairns’ Best Turf & Are Excited To Introduce TifTuf™ To The North Queensland Market. It’s Suited To The Tropical Climate & Is Easy To Establish & Maintain. Enjoy Your New Lawn Sooner & For Longer.

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The TifTuf™ turf lawn Cairns supplier, is Harden Park Lawns. We’re excited to grow, harvest, deliver and/or install this amazing new variety, at places and projects across Cairns and North Queensland. It’s a proven performer and has withstood extensive testing, in a variety of conditions. At Harden Park Lawns we pride ourselves on offering the best selection of turf lawn varieties, which are suited to growing and thriving, in our tough tropical conditions. We’re pleased to offer a seamless service, from the time of initial enquiry, through to after sales service and care. Please note every purchase of TifTuf™ comes with a 10 Year Product Warranty Certificate. That’s our promise to you, of a genuine, premium product, which delivers long term performance and results. Read more about our complete support guarantee or contact us for advice on the best lawn choice for your lifestyle, family, landscape and/or commercial project.


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