Tropical Turf Mix, also known as Buffalo Mix, Carpet Grass or Broadleaf, is an economical, creeping, stoloniferous, perennial, warm season grass. It has wide leaves (approx. 6mm) with blunt and rounded tips that have a unique curling along the edges. Tropical Mix turf will form a dense mat and crowd out other lawn species. It’s best suited to sub-tropical and tropical regions of Australia and thrives in low fertility areas.

Harden Park Lawns are the premium Tropical Mix turf Cairns supplier. We carefully blend the different turf varieties, at our Edmonton property, to deliver you a robust turf at the best price. Tropical Turf Mix will grow in most soil types, including clay and sandy soil, as long as moisture is available. Please note it’s not suitable for very sandy soils, due to its shallow root system. At Harden Park Lawns we’re pleased to provide first class advice on the best turf, to suit your project or property. For more information, just give us a call on (07) 4055 4632.

The Benefits of Tropical Mix Turf Lawn

The mixture of turf varieties creates a robust turf, which holds together well at harvest and transport. It requires very little maintenance, once installed.

It’s a great price and is slightly cheaper than straight Buffalo. Tropical Turf Mix is a great warm season grass.

It’s 70% shade tolerant, making it ideal for semi-shaded areas, including areas surrounded by buildings.

Please note Tropical Mix turf has poor tolerance to herbicides, low temperatures and high wear and tear.

Tropical Mix Turf Cairns Supplier

Tropical Mix Is Ideal For Home Lawns & Semi-Shaded Areas. It’s A Blend Of Approximately 80% Buffalo & 20% Couch Varieties, Making It Very Economical.

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Drought Tolerant

Shade Tolerant

Fertiliser Needs


Looking for a quote on getting Tropical Turf Mix, for your turf project? At Harden Park Lawns it’s easy. Just complete our online quote form, including all the fields, to ensure you get an accurate quote as quickly as possible. If you get stuck, we can help with measurements too. Call (07) 4055 4632 or email

Tropical Mix Turf Cairns Supplier

Harden Park Lawns Grows & Supplies Cairns’ Best Turf. Varieties Suitable To The Tropical Climate That Are Also Easy To Establish & Maintain. Tropical Turf Mix Is 70% Shade Tolerant & A Very Economical Choice. Enjoy Your New Lawn Sooner & For Longer.

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Harden Park Lawns prides itself on growing and supplying turf, that is best suited to our tough tropical conditions. We offer our customers, which include residential property owners, commercial clients and trade, an array of turf varieties to suit most budgets. Tropical Mix turf is a great garden performer, which also comes at an economical price. We’re pleased to provide free quotes and advice on your Cairns turf requirements and offer a comprehensive service, complete with after sales care and products. Read more about our complete support guarantee or contact us for advice on the best lawn choice for your lifestyle, family, landscape and/or commercial project.


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