Vertimowing, de-thatching, scarifying explained

ScarifyingRegardless of what you call it; vertimowing, de-thatching or scarifying, the process of removing excessive thatch from your lawn should only be attempted with warm season lawn varieties such as those we have here in far North Queensland. Why? Warm season lawns will repair and regenerate from the stolons and rhizomes (the runners) once the process is complete.

As a guide – the more aggressive the lawn type the more thatch and the more frequent vertimowing may be required. For example, aggressive Couch may require more frequent vertimowing than the less aggressive Zoysia.

What is thatch anyway? Learn more about what thatch is here

Vertimowing, de-thatching or scarifying is the physical cutting and removal of the thatch layer that has built up over time. This process is suggested on a yearly basis and is often best left to the professionals; it’s a hot, dirty, thankless task for which professionals have the knowledge, equipment and experience to make easier. And, a professional is much less likely to cause any damage to the lawn unlike an inexperienced DIYer. If you do want to give DIY a go, hire a vertimower and ensure that the hire company gives you full instructions on how to safely use the equipment and the process involved in vertimowing your lawn.

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