Ways to conduct a pH soil test

Soil pH Test KitWhile you may be under the assumption that there is only one way to undertake a soil pH test there are, in fact, a few. Firstly, a soil pH test is a test designed to measure the acidity or alkalinity in your soil. Lawns have a preferred pH level at which they will thrive; outside that level the lawn will become weak and struggle to survive. For most lawns you need the pH level to be around 6.5 (below 6 or above 7 and action needs to be taken). Basically, healthy soil equals healthy lawn so it’s important to know what the pH level of your soil is.

Home soil test kits

Take home pH soil test kits are readily available at lawn care stores and hardware stores and usually retail at around the $15 mark. The test works by taking a small sample of the soil from below the lawn and then mixing that soil with a solution that comes with the kit. After the specified wait time the soil solution will have changed colour and you simple compare that colour to the supplied colour chart to find the pH of the soil.

Electronic pH soil testers

Another option to pH soil testing is an electronic tester. This is a great option for people who want/need to monitor their soil on a regular basis. Simply push the metal probe of the device through the lawn and into the soil below. The pH reading is then shown on the electronic display. Obviously the cost is much higher than that of a home pH soil test kit but it is a one-off cost providing accurate testing and measurements for years to come.

Professional soil analysis

Some home pH test can be inaccurate so another option is to have a professional soil analysis undertaken. This involves the soil being tested scientifically in a laboratory and can often be more affordable than expected. Professional testing is far more accurate than at-home soil pH testing kits and devices and may be a great option when moving into a new area to establish the current condition of the new yard and how to proceed from there with any identified soil issues.

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