What is mulch mowing?

You may have heard this term before; mulch mowing, but do you know what it means, how it works and when you should do it to help the health of your lawn.

Essentially, mulch mowing is created when you use a mulching mower. This type of mower is one that uses a modified disc and blade system which will cut the grass first and then recuts the clippings so that they end up being super-fine. Then the mulch mower will forcefully blow the super-fine clippings back onto the lawn. When you are mowing in mulching mode you do not need to attach the catcher to the lawnmower.

Now those super-fine clippings are mulch and they will break down naturally, adding valuable minerals, nutrients and organic matter to the soil and the lawn. This layer of mulch also aids in protecting your lawn from drying out and suffering some sunburn during the hot & dry weather months.

Despite the benefits of mulch mowing, it isn’t always the right thing to do. There are instances when mowing with the catcher on is not the best thing to do:

  • When you lawn is wet/damp
  • If you expect a lot of foot traffic soon after mowing
  • When your lawn is very long
  • If the weather is cold – the mulch may not break down quick enough and therefore increases the risk of fungal issues


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