What is Tropical Mix

Tropical MixSimply put, Tropical Turf Mix is a mixture of Buffalo (80%) and Couch (20%). The primary benefit of this combination is the ability of the turf slabs to hold together during both the harvesting and transportation processes. It’s also a cheaper alternative to a 100% Buffalo turf variety.

The variety of turf can also be called Carpet Grass, Broadleaf or Buffalo Mix and is an economical, warm season grass which makes it ideal for rental properties, first home owners and commercial properties.

A creeping, perennial, stoloniferous turf, the Tropical Mix has wide leaves that curl along the edges. This turf will create a lawn with a dense mat that crowds out other evasive lawns and weeds.

Perfectly suited to tropical and sub-tropical areas, Tropical Turf Mix thrives in low fertility areas as long as moisture is available. The shallow root system will work in most soil types from sandy to clay providing that the soil is not too sandy.

Tropical Mix features:

  • Shade tolerant up to 70%
  • An economical turf
  • Little maintenance required – can be left to grow long and then mowed down without being scalped

Tropical Mix concerns:

  • Doesn’t tolerate low temperatures
  • Will not grow in waterlogged or very sandy soils
  • Wear and tear tolerance is low
  • Herbicide tolerance is low

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