When to water your lawn

Watering LawnWhile less frequent, deep watering is best for your lawn, the when to water your lawn is just as important. Ideally, watering of your lawn should be undertaken when it is least wasteful and least able to cause any damage. Add to that, watering should be done when it is the more beneficial and useful to your lawn. All other things considered equal, watering should be done in the mornings.

While lawns can take up water overnight, it is at a massively reduced rate compared to during the day. Watering first thing in the morning ensures the largest up take of the water you’re adding to the lawn. Watering in the middle of the day runs the risk of losing a lot of the water applied in evaporation. And obviously, the middle of the day during the heat of summer is likely to be a waste of time, water and money.

Watering at night (again, particularly during summer) can encourage lawn disease – water can get trapped beneath the thatch layer creating a humid environment which is a perfect breeding ground for lawn diseases.

So, when you water at night the lawn makes far less immediate use of the water. It doesn’t absorb all the water and that water then stays in the ground being pulled towards the water table and away from the root system. By morning when the lawn is active and needs most of its water a percentage of the water applied the night before has disappeared resulting in a waste of water and potentially a thirsty lawn.

When you water in the morning the lawn is already full active and can make immediate use of the water you are applying.

Overall, apply 2.5cms of water to the entire lawn in the morning only when the lawn blades start to curl (signifying thirst). This practice of less frequent but deeper watering will encourage a hardier, deeper root system and avoid the risk of certain lawn disease. Also keep an eye on weather forecasts. If rain is due you can skip watering the lawn, letting nature take its course and save yourself some time and money in the process.

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