Why lawns make a great investment in your commercial property

Relax Calm Under TreeLawns offer a lot more than just somewhere to kick a ball around and that’s why they are a great investment for your commercial property. Not just for sporting fields, schools and home lawns are becoming more and more popular in commercial complexes and here’s a few reasons why: 

Business & Economic Improvement

Lawns can increase the value of a property by up to 20%, increase tenant satisfaction and decrease vacancy rates. Commercial properties with well-maintained lawns sell at higher values and more quickly.

Environmental Benefits

Lawns capture and use greenhouse gases, counteracting climate change. They also reduce air pollution, generate oxygen and act as a barrier to stop chemicals entering the soil profile.

Societal Benefits  

Lawns encourage people to spend more time outside which, in turn, offers them mental health and physical health benefits.

Climate Control

Lawns are natural air-conditioners – eight average sized front lawns have the cooling effect of 70 tonnes of traditional air-conditioning.

Erosion Control

Lawns offer an effective form of erosion control reducing the amount fertile soil lost and the amount of pollutants and water reaching local storm water drains.

Filtering Benefits

Lawn is able to work as a filter by trapping dust and smoke particles.

Injury Prevention

Lawn is safer than artificial grass, gravel, bark, bare soil and concrete by providing traction and cushioning benefits, absorbing impacts and reducing injuries.

Rubbish Reduction

People are less likely to throw or leave behind garbage on a well-maintained lawn.

Noise Reduction

For urban and highly built-up areas lawns can reduce noise by 8-10 decibels.

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