Why you should install a natural lawn

Measure Turf AreaCreating a lovely, practical outside area for your home has never before involved so many decisions. Paving, gravel/pebbles, synthetic lawn, natural lawn, the list goes on. But before you make a costly decision, the team at Harden Park Lawns would like you to consider the benefits of installing a natural turf lawn at your North Queensland address – even if you are landscaping for a business or rental property.

Why a natural lawn trumps the other options:

    • Lawns generate oxygen, absorb noise and cut CO2 emissions;
    • Lawns act as a natural fire-break;
    • Lawns help to create a balanced eco-system;
    • Lawns absorb heat, reduce glare and break up radiant energy – act as a natural and cost-effective air-conditioner;

  • Lawns offer significant benefits to mental health;
  • Lawns trap dust in their blades;
  • Lawns provide a cost-effective and long-term soil erosion control method;
  • Lawns reduce injury risk by providing a cushioning effect;
  • Lawns improve local water quality by trapping sediment and pollutants as well as slowing run-off;
  • And, lawns can increase the value of your home by up to $75,000.

None of the other options can provide as many benefits as natural lawn to your home or business premises. If you are looking to install a new lawn, contact the Harden Park Lawns team to find out more and place an order.

We offer a range of turf varieties so you’re bound to find one just right for your needs.

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