Your lawn care tools checklist

Weed SprayingAll self-respecting lawn care aficionados will have certain tools of trade housed in the garden shed or garage. Harden Park Lawns has created this tools checklist so you can be sure you have everything you need at hand.

    • Lawn mower (or regular, reliable lawn mowing provider) – heaps of different types available so you’re bound to find one that best suits your needs, the size of your lawn and your budget.
    • Hoses and attachments – Regardless of whether you choose a stock standard garden hose or a soaker hose for lawns, along fences etc, a sturdy hose is indispensable for your lawn care; remember to water deeply and less frequently.
    • Whipper snipper – Handy to trim edges, around trees and garden beds, and along fence lines. Again, lots of versions available so have a chat to your local supplier.
    • Weeding wand – Stop weeds in their tracks with a weeding wand before it escalates into a full-blown infestation.
    • Measuring spoons – Allows you to correctly measure fertilisers and other products prior to mixing and applications. Never ever use the measuring spoons from the kitchen drawer.
    • Pump action sprayer – Useful for applying insecticides and herbicides. They range from small handheld options, right through to 20 litre, backpack versions.
    • Combination moisture light and pH tester – This combo device will ensure that you have all the info on whether your lawn (and plants) are receiving too much sun or not enough, too much water or not enough, while also giving you the heads up on the pH level and therefore any nutrient deficiencies.
    • Rotary turf edger – Perfect for keeping walkways, driveways and paths neat and tidy. There are both manual and petrol powered edgers available.
    • Shears – Always handy to trim back overhanding trees and shrubs that are blocking the light reaching the grass plants.
    • pH testing kit – use to determine exactly what nutrients your soil needs before apply any additives and/or fertilisers.
    • Rakes – two types are advised; a leaf rake is handy for collecting leaves and other bits and pieces that have blown into the yard, while a metal garden rake is great to use to dethatch your lawn.


Harden Park Lawns offers a range of smaller lawn care tools through our online shop or you can contact us directly to learn more.

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