Your quick, ultimate lawn mowing guide – just in time for the growing season

mowingAs the weather warms up your lawn’s growing season will ramp up too. So, it seems like the perfect time to provide you with your quick, ultimate lawn mowing guide.

How often to mow

Now this will depend on a range of factors such as:

    • The lawn variety
    • The time of the year
    • The health of the lawn
          When deciding how often to mow you should match the frequency with the rate of growth (never remove more than one third of the leaf blade in a single mow) and how you use your lawn… do you need it nice and neat for the backyard cricket match? Or is a little longer fine so you can lay down in the grass to relax?

The majority of modern varieties of lawn which are in good health require mowing every 2 weeks during summer and once a month during the cooler months. This regimen will go a long way towards a lawn which is thriving and green, while keeping thatch to a minimum.

Why mow regularly?

Infrequent lawn mowing can lead to damage of your lawn through:

          • Removing too much leaf trying to get it cut short all at once, you can impact the health of the lawn
          • Removing all the green leaf leaves behind thatch and exposed crowns (this leaves them open to direct sunlight and heat meaning they can burn and dry out)
          • When lawn is left to grow too high the crowns will also grow higher so when you do cut the lawn the crowns will be damaged or removed entirely which can kill off lawn in that area

Regular lawn mowing will:

          • Assist in the control of some types of weeds by ensuring the ongoing removal of their seed heads before they can fall back into the soil causing major weed infestations
          • Encourage the tillering effect in your lawn; where more green leaves and less runners are produced so you end up with a softer, greener lawn with less bare patches.


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