Zoysia tips & tricks

GrassWhile a Zoysia lawn might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can be a great choice of lawn for far north Queensland properties. Zoysia (such as Platinum Zoysia grown and supplied by Harden Park Lawns) is soft to walk on and for children to play on, while having no irritating qualities to pets, children or adults.


Zoysia has a slower growth rate than many other lawn varieties which means less mowing. This also means it’s less likely to invade garden beds and pathways as well as having low levels of thatch; Zoysia requires almost no de-thatching during its lifetime.


Zoysia is resilient and easily tolerates wear and tear. Once damaged though it can take longer to self-repair.

Shade and drought tolerant

While the shade tolerance is less than Buffalo, it is more tolerant that Couch. Like other warm season grasses, Zoysia tolerates and recovers well from drought conditions. It might appear to brown off quite quickly but it has an excellent ability to recover.

Low maintenance

Zoysia requires very little fertiliser throughout the year – perhaps only once or twice a year. It is also a low water usage grass only requiring watering when it shows obvious signs of deterioration from thirst. Zoysia is less prone to common weeds, pests and disease meaning that less maintenance is required to rid your lawn of any of these issues. If an issue does occur, Zoysia has an excellent tolerance to all pest, weeds and disease treatments; so is low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

Zoysia can be pretty much neglected – no fertilising, almost no watering and no mowing for months on end but it will never get out of control or grow to the heights, weediness and/or thatch level of other lawn varieties.

This lawn can be a great choice if you are looking for a nice looking north Queensland lawn with minimum effort, mowing, lawn issues and cost.

For more information on whether or not Platinum Zoysia would be the right choice for your property just contact the team at Harden Park Lawns.

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