As a valued partner in the Lawn Solutions Australia network, we’re pleased to provide you with easy access to a range of videos, dedicated to lawn support. The Turf Installation series covers everything from ground preparation, to laying your lawn and soil conditioners. It also provides an overview of the pros and cons of real versus synthetic turf. The Mowing and Feeding series covers the first mow of your turf, through to regular, routine mowing.

Lawn Tips and Watering talks about the importance of soil pH, environmental benefits of healthy lawns, lawns and extreme heat, watering and lawn care products. While the Lawn Rescue series looks at ways to deal with lawn grubs, controlling weeds, invasive grasses, soil compaction, work eradication and common lawn problems. Finally check out the Lawn Solutions Australia videos, to get an understanding of the scope, scale, mission and vision of this amazing organisation that we’re proud to be a part of at Harden Park Lawns. If you’ve still got some queries, give us a call on (07) 4055 4632 or email

Our Cairns Turf

We provide lifetime support and a range of services to help you maintain a healthy lawn. From free quoting, delivery and installation, to lawn care advice and products.

For pre-sale questions and to help you to care for your new lawn, we provide a range frequently asked questions and their answers. Or just give us a call.

Harden Park Lawns supplies quality turf products and support to the domestic, trade and commercial markets.

We provide a 10 Year Product Warranty Certificate, part of our commitment to ensure we provide the right lawn for you.

Sometimes Words Are Not Enough. There’s Nothing Like A Practical Demonstration And That’s Where Our Lawn Support Videos Come In Handy. Or You Can Contact Us, At Anytime.

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Turf Installation Videos

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Lawn Mowing & Feeding Videos

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Lawn Tips & Watering Videos

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Harden Park Lawns are a part of the Lawn Solutions Australia network. Which is Australia’s largest network of turf specialists. We’re accredited and certified by AusGap, which gives you peace of mind that our turf is of the highest quality and purity, backed by outstanding business operations. It’s no easy task meeting the requirements of the AusGap certification, but that’s just part of the process here at Harden Park Lawns. We’re 100% committed to growing, harvesting, delivering, supplying and installing superior turf, paired with outstanding customer service. From initial enquiry to lawn care and maintenance, you can count on us. We’ve been turfing the tropics since 1999.


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