Platinum Zoysia is a versatile turf variety, that has adapted well to our hot climate, with the ability to roll its fine blade grass leaves to conserve water. It performs well in moderately shady areas and keeps good winter colour and can generally out-compete weeds, once established. It’s a hardy solution for your lawn / turf and requires less watering and mowing, than many other lawn types growing in the tropics.

The best Platinum Zoysia turf lawn Cairns supplier is Harden Park Lawns. We love this turf variety because Zoysias are warm season grasses, which are well adapted to tropical, sub-tropical and warm temperate conditions. Leaves are between 5-7mm wide and 40-50mm long, though can be mown shorter, as low as 12-25mm. For more information or a free quote, contact us today on (07) 4055 4632.

The Benefits of Platinum Zoysia Turf

If a finer blade grass is your preference, then go no further than Platinum Zoysia. It’s widely regarded as one of the best performing Zoysia lawn grasses.

With fine to medium texture grass leaves, the Platinum Zoysia spreads by stolons and rhizomes. Giving vigorous regrowth and rapid recovery from injury.

This is a cost-effective option for turfing residential properties. It’s also low maintenance moving forward, making it popular.

Harden Park Lawns are the Platinum Zoysia Turf Lawn Cairns supplier. We provide expert advice and support, pre and post-sale.

Platinum Zoysia Turf Lawn Cairns Supplier

A Relatively Fine Leaf Which Is Soft To Touch. Eye Catching Dark Green Colour. Provides Excellent Wear Tolerance And Thrives In Extreme Heat And Humidity. Perfect For Up Here.

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Drought Tolerant

Shade Tolerant

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Looking for a quote on getting Platinum Zoysia for your turf project? At Harden Park Lawns it’s easy. Just complete our online quote form, including all the fields, to ensure you get an accurate quote as quickly as possible. If you get stuck, we can help with measurements too. Call (07) 4055 4632 or email

Platinum Zoysia Turf Lawn Cairns Supplier

Harden Park Lawns Grows & Supplies Cairns’ Best Turf. Platinum Zoysia Is A Beautiful Turf & A Hardy Variety, Requiring Minimal Maintenance. Enjoy Your New Lawn Sooner & For Longer When You Choose Harden Park Lawns As Your Turf Supplier.

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The Platinum Zoysia turf lawn Cairns supplier, is Harden Park Lawns. We’re proud to be a member of Lawn Solutions Australia and are AusGap certified. This gives you peace of mind that our Platinum Zoysia grass is grown, harvested and delivered to you, in the best possible condition. We’re so confident of our grass, that every purchase of Platinum Zoysia, no matter how big or small, comes with a 10 Year Product Warranty Certificate. That’s a promise to you, of a genuine, premium product, which delivers long term performance and results. Read more about our complete support guarantee or contact us for advice on the best lawn choice for your lifestyle, family, landscape and/or commercial project.


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