Harden Park Lawns has a dedicated online store, in conjunction with Lawn Solutions Australia. It provides secure online ordering and payment, with delivery across North Queensland and the country. The products and stock are broken up into easy categories, to maximise your ease of navigation and finding the item you’re looking for. This includes a range of lawn fertilizers, from getting the soil ready for new turf, to keeping your turf fed over difficult months and even lawn rescue products.

If you’re having problems with pests or weeds, we’ve got the product to eliminate your lawn enemies. This includes grub guard spray, selective lawn weeder and even Dog Rocks which can eliminate those pesky yellow burns. There are soil treatment products, including lawn aerator sandals and handheld fertilizer spreaders and so much more. You can shop online or add a product to your lawn turf delivery. If you have any queries, give us a call on (07) 4055 4632 or email

Our Turf Care Products

An extensive selection of products and stock, which provide premium lawn care in our tough tropical conditions.

If you’d rather deal face to face, then you can visit us at Harden Park Lawns and buy straight from the farm gate. We’re located in Edmonton, Cairns.

Don’t know what product you need? We’re the lawn experts, so you can come and see us at Harden Park Lawns or give us a call.

We’re committed to providing outstanding and comprehensive customer service, for the lifetime of your lawn. Quality products.

Lawn Turf Products Cairns

Visit Our On-Line Store To Get All The Very Best Lawn Turf Care Products, To Keep Your Lawn Looking Its Best, All Year Round.

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Harden Park Lawns are a part of the Lawn Solutions Australia network. Which is Australia’s largest network of turf specialists. We’re accredited and certified by AusGap, which gives you peace of mind that our turf is of the highest quality and purity, backed by outstanding business operations. It’s no easy task meeting the requirements of the AusGap certification, but that’s just part of the process here at Harden Park Lawns. We’re 100% committed to growing, harvesting, delivering, supplying and installing superior turf, paired with outstanding customer service. From initial enquiry to lawn care and maintenance, you can count on us. We’ve been turfing the tropics since 1999.


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