Getting ready for a new lawn

Before you order, arrange a delivery of, and/or install your new lawn it’s crucial that you get the preparation of the area right. This applies to both a whole new lawn and if you are just adding a small amount of turf. When you are preparing for your new Harden Park Lawns instant turf lawn you need to have a minimum of 100mms of well worked soil underneath.


Here’s the tips from the experienced turf farmers at Harden Park Lawns in North Queensland on getting ready for a new lawn:

  • Ensure there is 100mms of well worked soil. This can be achieved in four steps:
  • Remove any existing lawn, stones, weeds, and other debris. Spray the area with Glyphosate or Roundup to remove any remaining vegetation. This needs to be done a week before any soil cultivation or lawn installation.
  • Add more blended soil mix to the area – this is the best idea if your soil is in poor condition or lacking in volume. Your local landscape supply company can provide advice on the right turf blend soil to use for your location.
  • Use a rotary hoe and turn your existing soil – this is only a good idea if the existing soil is suitable and in good condition.
  • Rake the entire new lawn area to ensure that you have an even, smooth surface on which to lay your turf.

Now that you have finished getting ready for a new lawn, it’s time to contact Harden Park Lawns and arrange the purchase and delivery of your turf.


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