How do I improve my lawn?

There are a few quick and easy steps you can take to help improve the health (and look) of your lawn.

Aerate your lawn – Over time the soil below your lawn can become extremely compacted. Even if it’s not in a high traffic area, the weekly mowing and the lawn mower going over the lawn can cause soil compaction. This results in issues with water drainage, air circulation and nutrient absorption – regularly aerating your lawn to a depth of about 7.5cms will provide a looser soil with better air circulation and therefore improved lawn. How often should you aerate your lawn? At least yearly or as required.

Water deeply and less frequently – for an improved lawn learn to water your grass deeply but less often. The aim should be to add no more than 2.5cms of water to the entire lawn per week – don’t forget to take into account natural rainfall. A less frequent watering regime will encourage a stronger, deeper root system which will mean a healthier lawn overall.

Consider a natural fertiliser – they are better for your lawn, the environment and are proven to often work better than the synthetic options.

Grass-cycle your grass clippings – for an improved lawn consider leaving your grass clippings on the lawn instead of throwing them away. They will quickly decompose returning nutrients to the soil – it will improve the lawn and save you time – so it’s a win, win.

Mow the lawn at the right height – mowing your lawn at the correct height will ensure it grows healthy and strong. Adopting the right lawn mowing regime will improve your lawn over a relatively short period of time. Some other mowing tips for a great lawn include:

  • Don’t mow while the grass is wet
  • Mow in a different pattern each time
  • Ensure mower blades are always sharp

For more tips on how to improve your lawn or how to get a fabulous new instant lawn just contact the team at Harden Park Lawns.

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