Lawns and flooding rains in North Queensland

If you are in the areas of far North Queensland that have recently received a huge amount of rain, here’s how to ensure your lawn makes it through okay.

Firstly, don’t stress; most lawn varieties popular today can easily withstand a number of days completely submerged in water. Allow the rainwater to drain away naturally before undertaking any lawn care tasks.

Don’t mow your lawn while it is still wet as this can cause damage to the grass plants and pose a slip hazard to the person mowing the lawn.

Once the water has completely receded take a look at the state of the lawn to determine if too much soil has been washed away by the rain; you may need to apply a top dressing. If the rainfall in your area has been particularly torrential you will need to look for holes or indents in the lawn that could cause a trip hazard; these will need to be filled and fertilised in order to let the surrounding lawn to self-repair and fill in that gap.

Undertake a soil pH test to see how the nutrients remaining in the soil below your lawn are. Apply nutrients and fertiliser as required to balance the soil’s pH levels. And for the future; consider the drainage of your property – Can it be bettered to cope more easily with flooding rains that are often yearly here in far North Queensland.

For more help with lawn care issues or to install a lawn variety best suited to handle our tropical climate just contact the team at Harden Park Lawns today. Our turf is grown locally and the varieties are specifically chose to suit our location and climate.

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