Most common lawn questions – Part 2

FertiliserIf you still have questions after reading ‘Most common lawn questions – Part 1’ then read on, we have the next five most common lawn questions and their answers right here.

Here’s the top 10 most commonly asked lawn care questions, Part two:

When should a lawn be fertilised?

Ideally you should apply fertiliser in early spring when the lawn is just beginning its growth phase after a dormant winter. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions but typically a fertiliser will need to be watered in or you can apply right before rain is due. There’s a wide range of products available so be sure to ask for advice if you get overwhelmed. You might also like to apply fertiliser towards the end of autumn to give it a last boost while it is still growing.

When should a new turf be installed?

The fantastic thing about Australia is that a new turf can usually be installed at any time of the year. So, if your current lawn is beyond help, then you should consider getting rid of it permanently ensuring the soil is healthy when laying the new rolls of turf.

Is there a right pattern to follow when mowing the lawn?

The pattern you mow in really doesn’t matter all that much; stripes, squares or circles, but just remember that whichever way you mow, that’s the way the lawn plants will grow. So, by changing the pattern or direction each time you mow will actually encourage your lawn to grow in a more uniform manner.

How often should soil be aerated?

This will totally depend on the traffic and conditions the lawn is exposed to and how compacted the soil becomes. As a general rule, you should aim to aerate at least once a year and up to once a season. Typically you will aerate early in the year when the grass is growing quickly.

Should compost be added to the lawn?

With compost being a natural source of nutrients, adding it to your lawn when it’s lacking in essential nutrients can be beneficial. The nutrients in the compost will be absorbed into the soil and fed into the lawn so you get a healthier lawn.

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