Soil Mineral Depletion

depleted-soil-and-turfLike many other parts of the country and the world, Queensland soil is suffering from mineral depletion. What does this mean for your lawn?

Before you install a new lawn you will need to ensure that the right soil additives are used to make sure the soil is healthy and has the nutrients and minerals it needs to sustain a thriving lawn.

If you have an established lawn that you will need to undertake regular pH soil testing to ensure that your soil, and therefore your lawn, has everything it needs to support a healthy lawn.

Why is happening?

Years of use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, air and water pollution have all combined to leach vital nutrients from the soil, leaving it mineral deficient and any plants struggling to survive.

Depending on where your property is located and the history of the area, your mineral depletion may also be caused by past over cultivation and lack of crop rotation in the instance of agricultural usage.

Why worry?

Mineral depletion will affect the soil fertility and in turn the lawn’s ability to grow and to fight off pest and disease infestations.

Top tips for dealing with mineral depleted soil:

  • Research the history of your property – has it been used for agriculture in the past?
  • Ensure you get professional advice regarding the right soil additives to use prior to lawn installation
  • Regularly undertake soil pH testing
  • Limit your use of synthetic fertilisers and chemical pesticides
  • Undertake regular lawn care tasks to help your lawn be the healthiest if can be

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