The best type of lawn for North Queensland

As you can imagine, different grass varieties act quite differently in different soil types and climates. Some are shade tolerant, salt tolerant, frost tolerant, drought tolerant. Some love a more acidic soil, some not so much. There is no one perfect grass variety to suit every location. If you want a healthy lawn, then you need to start with the best quality turf and the best turf variety for your needs and local conditions.

Start with a Lawn Solutions Australia turf supplier. They are the very best possible people to help you get not only the right type of lawn for North Queensland, but the right type of lawn for your lifestyle.  And, when you choose a Lawn Solutions Australia lawn it will come with a unique 10-year product warranty, and the reassurance that the turf that you are supplied with has been grown and harvested to the highest of standards, is weed and disease-free. Plus, it will perform to the maximum potential in its new, local environment.

These lawn varieties are suitable throughout Australia since they are grown to local conditions by your local Lawn Solutions Australia turf grower.
Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass – a premium Buffalo grass with a soft, wide leaf with the best all-round performance in both shade and sun.
Eureka Kikuyu grass – a premium Kikuyu grass which is cost-effective, fast-growing and hardy and great for large, sunny areas.
Nullarbor Couch grass – a premium Couch grass with a fine leaf, suitable to sunny areas since it has great wear and heat resistant properties.
Platinum Zoysia grass – a premium Zoysia grass with narrow blades, is slow growing, but heat resistant and with a solid all-round performance.

So, that’s the lawn varieties you can get all across the country which are also suitable to North Queensland, but what about a lawn variety that is perfectly suited just to the tropical conditions. You’re in luck; there is one that’s ideal to Northern Queensland and the Northern Territory only. Tropical Carpet grass – a premium tropical warm-season grass with a broad leaf. This is a perennial species which spreads via low growing stolons making it a perfect, dense turf for lawns, parks and sports fields. It has a green to light green colouring during the growing season and will get a red tinge on the edge of the leaves during any cooler temperatures. The Tropical Carpet grass is a low-maintenance lawn, once established and provides good shade tolerance. It will also easily handle any high levels of rainfall during the wet season.

For more information about the best type of lawn for North Queensland or to place an order of turf just contact the team at Harden Park Lawns.

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