The Common Causes of Bare Patches in Lawns

AeratorBare patches in your lawn are definitely unsightly but they can also be confusing. There’s many reasons they can occur and determining the reason will help to fix it and/or stop it happening again.


Diseases that can cause bare patches include Spring Dead Spot, Dollar Spot, Brown Patch and Fairy Rings. These diseases are mostly characterised by circles of dying patches in the lawn from the size of dollar coins to the size of dinner plates, and they are most prevalent in the warmer weather. The exception is Fairy rings – rings of mushrooms circling a patch of thriving lawn and surrounded by a circle of dying grass.

Lack of water

If the bare patch is accompanied by a dry patch then it could be the result of a lack of water – take stock of your watering regime, any sprinkler system, your drainage and consider apply a wetting agent to help stop it from continuing. Sprinkler systems can become blocked or the heads can move (or be moved) so that over time certain parts of your lawn are missing out on their watering. Turn on the system and check to ensure they are all working correctly and covering the entire lawn.

Some other possible causes

  • A lack of sunlight
  • A lack of adequate drainage
  • Compacted soil
  • Lawn scalping
  • Excess thatch

All of these issues can cause bare patches but are easily sorted with some fairly simple lawn care tasks such as; trimming back overhanging branches that block sunlight, aerating the soil, vertimowing, and following a good lawn care regime.

Once you know the reason for the bare patches you can take the right steps towards fixing the current issue and avoiding it in the future.

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